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Asset Finance what and why

Bringing Asset Finance within the Reach of Every UK Business

For a business, of every kind and size, healthy growth rate is one of the most important health metrics. Many experts argue that a business is only as good as the rate at which it evolves – making the rate of growth a vital sign to judge the performance of a business by. But this growth doesn’t come easy. From the pure spirit of enterprise to the constant struggle to keep up with the times, a number of factors need to be looked after to keep a business growing. Continual investment and reinvestment are the foremost among these. Most businesses, however, do not have the luxury of liquidity that they can direct towards growth. Asset Finance aims to solve this very problem of cash shortfall.

Every sort of investment, from a business point of view, comes at an immediate cost, the returns on which are usually witnessed in the future. This cost can vary widely depending on the nature of the business itself and the type of investment. Investments in machinery or equipment can yield immediate results, while investments in stock shares or commercial properties may take years to manifest. Regardless of this, if you think that it is very important for you to invest in a commercial asset, our Asset Finance solutions are here to help.

Commercial Finance Network is one of the leading whole of market brokers in the UK, with an industry-wide reputation for broking project-specific finance solutions. The Asset Finance packages we broker can help you:

  • Finance the purchase of expensive commercial assets like machinery, software, equipment and technology
  • Lease expensive assets at affordable rates
  • Refinance existing assets
  • Transfer the asset ownership

Notable Features of Our Asset Finance Services

  • Asset Finance available for UK businesses of all sizes
  • All Asset Finance solutions in one place
  • Asset Finance available for the purchase, refinance and hire of every commercial asset, ranging from vehicles to heavy-duty machinery
  • 10+ years of illustrious track record of helping many UK businesses manage their asset investments
  • Access to all UK Asset Finance Lenders
  • Asset loans starting from just £5,000
  • Flexible repayment terms with affordable, all-inclusive monthly repayments
  • Decisions on every Asset Finance application typically within 24 hours
  • Real-time case tracking & customer service portal
  • Free consultation with our Asset Finance Experts
  • Free, no-obligation quotes available

What is Asset Finance?

Asset Finance is an external financing tool that helps businesses – especially small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) – invest in the latest, more profitable assets.

As you may well know, a prominent reason for a business to decline is the lack of efforts in keeping up with the times, the competition and the economy. Therefore, most businesses, if not all, feel the need to implement newer strategies to sustain and expand their operations. None of these strategies is, however, without its costs. Asset Finance helps businesses avoid having to bear these costs upfront, thus immensely easing up the purchase or incorporation of assets into their business operations. Such finance packages are particularly useful in situations when businesses cannot afford to dedicate a significant share of their cashflow to purchase expensive assets.


Let’s consider the example of a medium sized plastic recycling business. The business has been trading for over five years. The growth rate, while not meteoric, has been steady and consistent. A new environmental law, however, has now forced the business to significantly alter their recycling processes. Failure to abide by this law may well see the business processes being deemed illegal. So, it’s imperative for the business to change their processes in order to stay compliant. This, however, will mean that a hefty investment will need to be made into buying newer equipment, technology and even staff. The business cannot afford to pay for all these costs upfront.

To overcome this problem, the business owner decides to turn to Asset Finance. A suitable Lender, who also brings expertise in the same industry on board, agrees to lend credit to the business for the purchase of new technology. As an add-on, the Lender also decides to fund the lease of heavy-duty, expensive equipment. With everything in place, the business resumes operations and soon breaks even with all the investments at no significant interest cost.

Why Asset Finance?

Asset Finance, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, is one of the most important factors that have recently fuelled the growth of SMEs in the UK. As per the statistics released by the Finance & Leasing Association in 2016, Asset Finance has contributed to more than 30% of all commercial investments in the UK. So, it’s abundantly clear that thousands of businesses regularly depend of Asset Finance to fund their asset investments.

But why should your business choose Asset Finance?

The first, and the foremost, reason is the importance of assets. Investing in assets is more often than not expensive. If your business doesn’t have the luxury of cashflow liquidity, you will always find it difficult to invest in assets that you know are important. This has a sort of runaway effect on the entire business. Your competitors may well invest in the latest technology or equipment, thus leaving your business behind in the competition. Asset Finance helps you avoid delaying such investments, thereby ensuring that your efforts to stay ahead of the competition are fruitful.

In addition, Asset Finance allows businesses to choose the most profitable way of using assets . These ways, from outright purchasing of an asset to leasing it for a few weeks, can further be tweaked in agreement with the lender to produce the most effective results. Asset Finance solutions that we broker are robust, flexible and built around your requirements.

The reasons to choose Asset Finance are summed up below.

  • Improving business relevance
  • Preserving cashflow
  • Reducing the risks of ownership
  • Bypassing asset depreciation
  • Shortening sales cycles
  • Convenient incorporation of assets
  • Affordable, month-to-month repayments
  • Available despite bad credit
  • Tax benefits

Why Choose Commercial Finance Network’s Asset Finance Services?

As we noted earlier, Asset Finance is one of the ‘prime movers’ of the overall business environment in the UK. This becomes especially truer in case of small and medium sized businesses that cannot hope to acquire or use better assets without external finance. As indispensable as it may be, Asset Finance isn’t always easy to secure.

Therefore, it becomes essential for you to have a finance expert like Commercial Finance Network on your side. From finding the right Lender who has a lot more to contribute to your business than just funds to making sure that you get to use the asset within a matter of days, we work hard to help you get the fairest, most affordable and most flexible Asset Finance deal that is tailored to your requirements.

Here’s why our Asset Finance services stand head and shoulders above the rest:

  • A remarkable track record of over 10 years in the UK Asset Finance industry.
  • Our Asset Finance services have helped numerous UK businesses in all sectors secure the best Asset Finance deals.
  • We’re a truly independent & whole of market broker, giving us access to all Asset Finance Lenders across the UK.
  • We not only broker the loan for you, but we also work closely with the Lender and the banks to make sure that the lease or purchase of the asset goes through swiftly.
  • Our customer service portal is open 24 x 7, so you can track the progress of your application at any time.

Asset Finance Need Not Be Complicated!

Commercial Finance Network is not just another broker. Once you approach us, our team takes care of every aspect of your Asset Finance application – from compiling the paperwork to negotiating with the lenders. Whatever may your requirements be, you can stay assured that we will structure a perfect Asset Finance solution to meet them.

Get in touch with us today to discuss with us how our Asset Finance solutions can help you make the most of business growth opportunities!